Type of pies

Big shot burger pie

Just one look at the Big Shot Burger Pie and your hunger will double! Sink your teeth into the golden-brown crust packed full of delicious, tender, juicy filling and you’ll keep coming back for more. With flavours of Sweet Chilli Chicken, BBQ or Cheesy Pepper Beef there’s something for every taste. Nothing says Corner Bakery better than the legendary Big Shot! 

Corner Bakery’s Big Shot Burger Pie. 

Baked just right.

Classic pies

When it comes to pies, Corner Bakery is the definitive upper crust. Freshly baked throughout each day with only the highest quality chicken, meat, gravies and vegetables, it’s no surprise that our classic pies were voted by the South African public as the tastiest pies around. When you´re looking for something fresh and filling, few things hit the spot like a Corner Bakery Big Five Classic Pie; tantalize your tastebuds with a succulent steak & kidney, scrumptious sausage roll, cracking cornish pasty, prime pepper steak or a choice chicken and mushroom! 

Corner Bakery’s Classic Pies. 

Baked just right.

Pie bites

Peckish? Craving a small snack? Try our deliciously brilliant Pie Bites! We’re talking big flavour in small packages, made with the same care and ingredients as our bigger Classic Pie range, all wrapped up into a bite-sized treat. Available in beef, chicken or cheese, Pie Bites are baked fresh throughout the day for the perfect on-the-go snack. 

Corner Bakery’s Pie Bites. 

Baked just right.

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