Pastries & Breads

Oven-baked buttery goodness!

When it comes to pastries and breads, we rise to the occasion. From spicy samoosas to buttery croissants and a wide variety of ciabattas, paninis and rolls – all baked on site by our friendly bakers – we definitely have something for everyone.

*Product offerings may vary by site


It was the Egyptians who first endeavored to make pastries in their crudest of forms out of fruits, honey, spices and the regular grain meal. These crude forms of pastries were called Filo and Baklava. (Source:  

Did you know that bread has been around for centuries? Experts believe the first grinding stone was invented by the Egyptians around 8000 B.C. Flat breads were first baked from crushed grains, but later it was discovered that adding yeast made the bread rise. (Source: 

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