Grilled to perfection!

As we all know, finding a good quality burger is more complicated than one might think. However, we at Corner Bakery make it look easy. Flame-grilled to perfection, our 100% pure beef patties and unforgettably succulent chicken fillets will melt the hearts of even the toughest burger critics. With all that juicy goodness going on inside the freshest of burger buns, look no further than Corner Bakery for the best burger in town.

*Range of burgers may vary by site


"Burger" is the shortened name of hamburger, which takes its name from Hamburg steaks that were introduced by German immigrants in the United States. Calling ground beef 'hamburger’ dates from the invention of mechanical meat grinders in the 1860's. Before that, ‘Hamburg steak’ was a term used for salt beef. (Source: www.express.co.uk) 

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